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Printing Blankets

Bombay Well Print Is the world’s leader in printing blankets technology. Printing blankets must also be adapted for compatibility with specific inks and substrates. Since hybrid inks are often printed on foils and other kinds of substrates, the printing blanket plays an specially important role. Top(BT) products are highly resistant to chemical and physical influences and thus exhibit high smash resistance and prompt rapid formation of stable ink - water balance.

Top (BT) 3200, (BT) 3400, (BT) 4800, Top(BT) 5400, (BT)5800, Top(BT) 8400 offer performance feature in terms of

• Print Quality
• Dot Gain, Solid coverage
• Mechanical defect suppression
• Paper Release, Reduced Gauge Loss, Etc. Thease extremely user-friendly Blankets ensure
• Low Plate Wear
• Reduced Ink Build-Up
• Lower Gauge Loss
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