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Fountain Solutions Additive :
Fount S-3012 is a fountain solution additive for sheet-fed offset. Also suitable for slow running heatset and newspaper presses.
The following formats are currently available ex stock (100/50 pieces each per cardboard box):
For all press types
For conventional and film dampening systems
Stable ink-/water-balance
Fast re-starts and stable printing for long runs
Good printing plate protection
Use at a concentration of 2 - 3 %
For soft and hard water
For water hardness 4 - 25° dH
pH-value 4.9 - 5.2 (according water hardness)
Suitable for UV printing
Effective prevention of foam
Conductivity increase: 480 µS/cm per percent added
Before applying Fount S-3012, it is recommended that the fountain systems must be completely emptied and cleaned.
Fount S-3012 is classified according to ECDirective 88/379/EWG - in its latest version. Fount S-3012 is not a dangerous good in the sense of national and international transport regulations (GGVSE - ADR/RID, GGVSee - IMDG).
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