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Poliwet Miniroll, Ultra, Compact by Policrom: Pre impregnated wetrolls:
•  The product has a timeless shelf life.
•  Does not dry up, when in use, even after    some weeks, thanks to the exclusive    formula of our detergent.
•  The product has an expiry date
•  Both cloth and solvent lose their chemical    characteristics due to prolonged contact
Value for the money:
•  Competitively priced.
•  The re-use of the basin and diffuser of our    Poliwet minirolls yields a significant cost    advantage, so after the first purchase of a    Startepack with basin and diffuser, ask for a    cheaper Refill box!
•  Expensive prices
Best cleaning power as it is prepared right before use:
•  The cloth maintains its mechanical    characteristics
•  The cleaning solutions maintains its    chemicals properties
•  The impregnation is scientifically calibrated    to be uniform
•  Better cleaning performances thanks to the    exclusive formula of our solvent
•  The cloth wears out after prolonged contact    with the solvent
•  The solvent loses cleaning power after    prolonged contact with the cloth
•  The impregnation is not uniform after storing it    for some time (no matter if vertically or    horizontally)

•  Lowest impact on the environment, as the    cleaner is 100% VOC free
•  Best safety for the operator, even with high    operating temperatures, as the cleaner’s    flashpoint is above 100°C
•  Best safety for blankets, as the cleaning    solution does not affect rubber and its    dosage is minimal
•  Not all competitive products guarantee 100%    VOC free chemicals
•  Competitive products flashpoints are lower
•  Cleaner dosage is higher, as it has to    compensate for the dripping and weakening    caused by storage time
Ease of use and storage:
Practical to store:
•  Unlimited shelf life
•  Can be kept in any position
Big storage restrictions:
•  Limited shelf-life, as the liquid tends to drip to    the bottom of the package, leaving the roll
   partially dry
•  you must keep it in the right position while in    stock, otherwise the shelf-life will get even    shorter









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