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  Material Safety Data Sheet
1) Product Details   : Printing Inks
Intended Use   : Printing on all types of coated and uncoated papers.
Manufacturer   : C/93/2, MIDC Hingna, Nagpur, India. 440028
2) Composition / Chemical Characterisation   : Preparation from carbon black, resins, vegetable oils and minerals oils
Dangerous Components   : Not relevant
3) Hazards Identifications   : No hazardous substance or preparations information pertaining to particular for man and environment - void
4) First Aid Measures
After Inhalation   : No specific symptoms are noticed
After Eyes Contact  
: Clean the eyes with fresh water for 10 minutes Remove contact lenses, seek medical advice
After Skin Contact  
: Remove contaminated clothing, wash skin thoroughly with soap and water
After Injection   : Seek immediate attention
5) Fire Fighting Measures
Suitable Extinguishing Agents
: Alcohol resistant foam CO2, powders, water spary if applied under high pressure
Unsuitable extiguishing Media   : Water with full water jet
6) Accident Release Measures   : Ventilate the area
Personal Precautions   : Refer to protective measures listed in section 7 & 8
Environmental Precautions  
: Do not allow to enter drains inform respective authorities in case product reaches water or sewage system
Methodfor cleaning up  
: Collect spillage with non combustible absorbent material (e.g. sand, earth) and place in container for disposal according to local regulations. Clean with detergent. Avoid use of solvent.
7) Handling and Storage
Handling information for safe handling  
: Avoid skin and eye contact.Smoking, eating and drinking should be prohibited in application area
Information about protection against explosions and fires   : Prevent the creation of flammable or explosive concentrations of vapors in the drying channel. Smoking, food and drinks are forbidden in application area
Storage requirements to be set by storerooms and containers.   : Containers which are opend must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage
Further information about storage conditions   : Store in a dry place. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Store in accordance with the particular national regulations concerning water pollution.
8) Exposure controls and personal protection
Additional information about design of technical   : Provide adequate ventilation
Peronal protective equipment breathing equipment protection of hands  
: For prolonged or repeated contact use gloses, Barrier creams may help to protect the expsed areas of the skin
Eye protection   : Use safety eyewear designed to protect against spillage
Body Protection   : Working clothes must be made with cotton
9 Physical and Chemical Properties    
Form   : Pasty
Color   : According to product specification
Odour   : Vegitable oil like
Flash Point   : Value / Range / Units
>100 C
Ignition Temperature   >240 C
Vapor Pressure   : At 20 degree C < 10 Pa
Solubility / <Miscibility with water
  : At 20 degree C 1g / cm3
10) Stability and reactivity conditions to be avoided  
: Stable under recommended storage and handling conditions (see section 7).
thermal decomposition / conditions to be avoided dangerous products of decomposition. Fire may produce  
: Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke and oxides of Nitrogen
11) Toxicological Information    
Acute Toxicity   : The preparation is classified according to the conventional method
Primary Irritant effect on the skin  
: Repeated or prolonged skin contact with the preparation may cause removal of natural fat from the skin resulting in non-allergic contact dermatitis.
On the eye   : If splashed in the eyes may cause irritation
12) Ecological Information   : Slightly hazardous for water
General Notes Water hazard class I  
: Do not allow undiluted product or large quantities of it to reach ground water, water bodies or sewage system
13) Disposal Considerations
: Must not be disposed of together with household garbage. Do not allow product to reach sewage sustem.
Must be specially treated under adherence to offical regulations.
Unclean Packaging Recommendation  
: Emptied containers should be supplied to scrap utilization unit for recycling
Not correctly emptied containers and ink residues are non hazardous waste
14) Transport Information   : Not classified according to transport regulations for dangerous goods
15) Regulatory Information   : No hazardous substance or preparation
16) Other Information   : The information of this MSDS is based on the present state of our knowledge & is meant as a description of safety requirements of our product, it is not to be considered as a guarantee of the product's properties.
Technical Data Sheet
This is a premium quality process set designed especially for high quality commercial & packaging applications. Considering needs of modern high speed presses and inventions in various press chemicals, Bombay Well Print has formulated this set with up gradation of various properties such a gloss, rub and setting. Better rheology and vacuum pack containers of this set gives minimum wastage to become more cost-effective.
Special Feature
  High colour strength with jetter black.
  Fast setting & quick drying ensures no delay in work & turn.
  Excellent gloss on coated stock.
  Remarkable litho properties.
Machine Information
  Ductfresh for more than 24 hrs.
  Vacuum pack containers ensures zero ink wastage.
  Excellent press performance even for high speed press run.
Machine Information
  Ductfresh for more than 24 hrs.
  Vacuum pack containers ensures zero ink wastage.
  Excellent press performance even for high speed press run.
After Printing Information
  Excellent gloss on coated stock.
  Good rub resistance on coated/uncoated stock.
  Good acceptance to media like aqua coat, O.P. Medium,
UV and Laminations (Please note that the success of
O.P. Media depends on substrate, quality of O.P. Medium
& adhesive used for lamination.)

Other Important Properties

Gloss process set with quick setting property formulated for good quality Indian and Foreign coated papers and boards.
Special Features
  High gloss on coated stock
  Brighter colour to give high visual impact
  Minimum dot gain achieved by balanced rheological & lithographic properties
  Good setting and drying properties
Machine Information
  Excellent lithographic performance
  Remains duct fresh overnight
  Suitable for all dampening systems
  Eccellent press performance and print quality
Printing Information
  Good performance on all types of offset press
  Suitable for all types of coated substrates. Also suitable for uncoated stock
  Not suitable for non-absorbent surface
  Good acceptance to overprinting media like Aquacoat, O.P. Medium, U.V. and Lamination
After Printing Information
  Good gloss retention
  Good rub resistance on coated stock having good pick strength
  Suitable for U.V. Varnishing and Lamination. (Please note that the success of U.V. varnishing & lamination depends on substrate, quality of U.V. varnish & adhesive used for lamination).
After Printing Information
This process set is exclusively designed to meet requirements of all quality packaging and other similar jobs to be printed on coated & uncoated substrates.
Special Features
  Optimum strength with quick setting and drying
  Adequate gloss on coated stock
  Good Litho performance
  Good Rub-resistance
Machine Information
  Excellent working properties
  Stable ink - water balance
  Suitable for all dampening systems
Printing Information
  Good Transfer property at different press speed
  Optimum dot gain
  Suitable for coated and uncoated stock
  Not recommended for non-absorbent surfaces like plastic and synthetic papers etc
After Printing Information
  Average rub resistance
  Good gloss (depending on substrates)
  Suitable for Varnishing, O.P. Medium, Aquacoat, UV Varnishing and Lamination. (Please note that the success of overcoatings depend on the substrate, quality of Aquacoat and UV Varnish and Adhesive used for lamination.)
After Printing Information
This is economical process set formulated exclusively for packaging jobs printed on Duplex board. Maplitho and other similar uncoated stock. However, it can also be printed on low gsm coated stock. This ink has good rheological property with an extra edge to strength and gloss over equivalent competitors products.
Press Performance
  Duct fresh i.e. non smoking time in ink-duct is minimum 24hrs
  Quick and stable ink-water balance
  Suitable for all dampening systems
  Good transfer of ink at different press speed
After Printing Information
  Average gloss and rub resistance
  Suitable for post printing operations like, Aqua coat, UV and lamination. (Success of over coatings also depends on substrate, quality of O.P. varnishes and adhesive used for lamination))
Print Performance
  Good color intensity
  Minimum dot gain resulting into better print quality
  Optimum gloss on coated stock
  Good drying property
Product Wise Gloss Values
Products Yellow Magenta Cyan Black

Aadeshwar Process Color

70 74 70 74
Jinkushal Process Color 70 74 70 74
Manidhari Process Color 60 60 58 68
Jindatt Process Color 55 55 45 68
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