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Quality Policy :
Bombay Well Print . We confirm that the raw materials used in above inks are not toxie & non hazardous. They do not contain raw materials that the society of British Printing Ink Manufacturers & the British Food Wrapper & Food Research Association have recommeded to be excluded (list given below)) from formulations designed for printing immediate food wrapper. These inks are suitable for printing any food packers. Where food does not come in direct contact with the ink."
General Exclusion List :
• Compounds of lead (except where specific exemption has been given by the SBPIM)
• Compounds of Cadmium
• Zine chromate
• Pigments and dyestuffs based on Selenium, Arsenic, Antimony & Mercury
• CI solvent blue 750400 (Induline)
• Toluine Di - Isocynate (TDI)
• 2 - Nitropropane (2-NP)
• Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
• Tricresyl phosphate
• 4,4 - Tetramethyl diamino benzophenone (Michlers Ketone)
• 2,4 - Dimethyl -6-1-butyl phenol (Topanol A)
• Diamino stilbene and derivatives
• Acrylates with a Draize figure greater than 3,4 on the 0-8 scale. The Draize figure for any Acrylate to be determined by a recognized research institute
"To be a globally recognised brand in Ink, Paint & Packaging Material."
Quality Policy
Bombay Wellprint Ink Pvt. Ltd. is committed to growth by offering product as per customer's requirement at optimal cost and quick service.. Our endeavour is to continually upgrade our technology and human skills.
Quality Objectives
1. To adopt a growth oriented strategy.
2. To continually improve on the quality of product by proper selection of raw material, process control and customer feedback.
3. Our utmost care and energies are towards preserving and improving upon the internal and external environment.
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